Atacames, Ecuador

We left Canoa after a nice three days relaxing at the Posada de Daniel and headed further north to Atacames, a relatively more touristy beach town where all the quiteños (people from Quito) take vacation. Arrived pretty late and found a really shitty place right on the main beachfront strip (they call it malecón here, and each beach town has one). The beds lacked any kind of padding and I could feel the boards underneath supporting the mattress. The music from the row of about 25 little huts on the was blaring loud all saturday night, but there werent that many people out when we decided to take a walk to check the scene out. The next day we woke up late and went for a walk down the strip again. The beach was very wide and probably 4 km long and towards both ends the mountains seemed to come right down to the beachfront. For lunch we decided to try the ceviche basically a cold soup filled with tomatos onions and some seafood… I had the ceviche de camaron (shrimp) and Paul tried the mixto (mixed with all kinds of seafood, yummy). We took our last swim in the ocean since this would be the last beach we’d be seeing for a while. and drank a few beers as we watched probably the best sunset we’ve seen yet dip down between the southern cliffs that drop to the sea and a small island right off shore. Tomorrow we head into Quito, 6 and a half hours inland.